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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose Gold Engagement Rings at Rumanoff’s Jewelers

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is an alloy of gold where the pure metal is alloyed with copper and small amounts of other metals, usually silver. This unique mix creates a hue of rosy pink or red. What’s unique about rose gold is that it appears in a wide variety of tones when the copper content is altered relative to the gold karat weight. This means that a rose gold engagement ring can appear as blushing pink when it’s 18k or a vibrant red when it’s 14k. The distinction in color between these two carat weights means that you have more options available when you select rose gold as your preferred bridal metal.

You may not know that rose gold has a very esteemed history. Originally popularized by the Russian aristocracy in the 19th century, there was such a craze for the material in Muscovy that for decades, rose gold was known as “Russian gold.” While that name isn’t relevant anymore, we’ve entered a period of time where rose gold is back—and bigger than ever!

Since the late 90s, rose gold has been found in more and more jewelry, and with the boom of rose gold chic in clothing and everyday goods, it’s easier than ever for the lover of rose gold to wear a unique piece she’ll love. But if you haven’t fallen in love with rose gold engagement rings yet, Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry has some info about this metal that you may appreciate.

Benefits of Choosing a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

The primary alloying material for yellow gold is silver, and the primary alloying metal for white gold is either nickel or palladium. Silver and palladium are extremely soft metals like gold, which don’t add any strength or durability to the alloy. While nickel is far stronger, it’s also extremely allergenic, which means that wearing many pieces of white gold can be like playing hives & dermatitis roulette.

Rose gold benefits from being made with copper—which is extremely strong and durable. While there are some people who have an allergy to copper, it’s far less common than a nickel allergy.

Also, on an aesthetic level, rose gold has some benefits you can’t find in yellow or white gold. For example, unlike white gold, you don’t have to get rose gold replated in metal to retain its color. Plus, the warm, natural tones of rose gold are ideal for a woman who prefers a feminine, blushing engagement ring. And many of our customers have found that rose gold complements the tones of their skin in a more elegant manner, thanks to the organic quality of rose gold.

Many women also appreciate the vintage quality of rose gold—as a metal that was ultra-popular in their grandmothers’ and great-grandmothers’ time, wearing rose gold is a celebration of timeless beauty and being a link in a chain of bridal jewelry excellence that’s centuries old.

Shop Rose Gold Engagement Rings at Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry

If you’re interested in the vintage elegance of rose gold engagement rings and seeing how modern designers have been able to reinterpret its charm, call us at (203) 230-1199 or visit us at our showroom in Hamden, Connecticut today!

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