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The Ultimate Metals Guide for Men's Wedding Bands

Choosing a metal for your men’s wedding band can be a difficult choice. Keep reading to discover what precious metal is best for your wedding ring!

The Ultimate Metals Guide for Men's Wedding Bands

Men’s wedding bands may lack the frill and delicacy of women’s wedding bands, but they come in various metal types to complement your personality. Wedding bands symbolize the passion and romantic dedication you have for your partner. Men’s wedding bands can showcase high-quality craftsmanship and remind you of the love that keeps you going.

Some metals are more popular than others, but each has distinct pros and cons ranging from durability to price. Men’s wedding band metals include gold, cobalt, palladium, and titanium. To help you make a more informed purchase, consider these stylish metal options.

Yellow Gold

CrownRing Yellow Gold Wedding Band

Regal, elegant, and timeless -- yellow gold is the classic choice for the sophisticated man who prefers a vintage charm over any other style. Yellow gold wedding bands can be simple or intricately detailed. Gold wedding bands have a warm and luminous glow that exemplifies refinement and class.

Pure gold is not a good metal for jewelry-making, so copper and zinc are added to improve the metal’s durability. It’s very resistant to corrosion, rust, and tarnish, but is the easiest of the metals to scratch or dent. It can also be one of the more expensive options, but is lightweight and won’t cause allergic reactions. Go for first place with this sleek metal.

Recommendation: CrownRing will make you feel like royalty. Give yourself this classic yellow gold wedding band with a hammered texture and all gold look.

White Gold

Verragio White Gold Wedding Band

White gold metals put a modern twist on traditional yellow gold pieces. Just like yellow gold, white gold doesn’t tarnish or rust easily and is easy to engrave. White gold gets its icy hue from an alloy mix of nickel and silver plated with rhodium. This silver-tinged metal mix makes this metal option more durable than yellow gold men’s wedding bands.

White gold’s reflective and crystal-clear complexion is ideal for men on a budget who still want the cultivated platinum look. White gold can feature stunning detailing due to its malleable exterior. White gold men’s wedding bands can complement any outfit due to its stylish and sophisticated appearance.

Rose Gold

Hearts on Fire Rose Gold Men's Wedding Band

Rose gold men’s wedding bands are growing a loyal following among couples. Many women prefer the romantic and refined nature of rose gold metals. Matching wedding bands can serve to remind you of your two-person union founded by love and respect for each other. It’s very comfortable and lightweight, but may cause allergic reactions and discolor the skin.

Rose gold has a similar metal combination to yellow gold. It has about 25% copper in the mix to get that signature rosy color. The addition of copper makes this metal very durable, so you’ll have your stylish and romantic ring for many years to come.

Recommendation: Hearts on Fire brings you flawlessly cut diamonds on men’s wedding bands. Make a bold fashion choice with this rose gold men’s wedding band.


Cobalt men’s wedding bands are a smart choice for the budget shopper. Cobalt’s silvery color equals that of white gold and platinum. Its sleek and polished exterior pairs well with anything in your closet, including your wedding day suit. It’s more affordable than titanium and platinum and is more resistant to scratches, too. Fashion-forward men will love the plentiful style selection.

Cobalt’s affordability and durability are offset by the limited color options. They also can’t be engraved or resized making them difficult to personalize. Cobalt reacts negatively to certain chemicals including chlorine, not ideal for swimmers. Cobalt is also one of the heaviest men’s wedding band metals.


Benchmark Palladium Wedding Band

Palladium is another popular and trending metal among men. It has a similar sheen and durability to platinum but at a much more affordable price. It’s tough against dents and scratches, but can be engraved for a more personal touch. Palladium won’t react negatively to harsh chemicals or cause allergic reactions.

Palladium is the new kid on the block, making it very exclusive. The downside is that you won’t find many style choices in palladium.

Recommendation: Benchmark gives you simple and clean men’s wedding band styles. Try their standard comfort-fit palladium wedding band for a shiny and timeless choice.


Tacori Platinum Men's Wedding Bands

Platinum evokes opulence and grace. It’s the priciest among the metals and for a good reason. It’s the most durable and resistant to scratches or tarnish. You’ll appreciate its steely and shining exterior that matches your wedding day ensemble. Platinum wedding bands typically have between 90 and 98% purity making it a bit heavier than other men’s wedding bands.

You don’t have to polish this metal as often as others. Platinum will develop a natural patina that reminds you of the changing and lasting love you have for your partner. Expect to have your platinum ring for a very long time.

Recommendation: Tacori’s Sculpted Crescent collection features simple and clean lines to highlight the signature crescent design on the ring’s edge. Enjoy this platinum wedding band with a minimalistic and polished finish.


Titanium is your go-to metal for the best durability, versatility, and weight. It’s super lightweight and can be crafted into different shapes, often incorporating other metals. Titanium is more durable than expensive metals like platinum and gold, but come at a steeper price. Don’t take titanium into the pool because it is affected by harsh chemicals.

Everyone has a different version of their perfect metal. Depending on your lifestyle and fashion sense, you’ll want a big selection to choose from. Find the most popular metals for men’s wedding bands at Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry. Since 1938, Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry in Hamden, Connecticut has provided customers with the best jewelry products and service in a stylish and inviting atmosphere.


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