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Simple Engagement Rings: The Bridal Trend Women Love Right Now

For modern women, simple, understated, and minimalistic engagement ring styles are what’s in right now. Read on to find out more about simple engagement rings and if this trend is right for you!

Simple Engagement Rings: The Bridal Trend Women Love Right Now

Stopping by Etsy will reveal that the predominant aesthetic theme in their “jewelry” section is the minimalist, cute, and visibly handmade. It’d be a mistake to dismiss that as simply the nature of Etsy—Instagram and Twitter alike showcase plenty of twenty- and thirty-something women wearing minimalist jewelry.

In an era of simplicity and appreciation for artisan quality, there’s a certain intrigue to having bridal jewelry that follows suit! But what does minimalism and simplicity look like in engagement rings, where tradition has encouraged a “bigger is better” look? Well, keep reading to find out!

Solitaire Engagement Rings

The solitaire is pretty much the ideal of the minimalist style. This isn’t to say that every solitaire is perfect, but the artists who are capable of working with the style can turn out some real treasures. Tacori, for example, offers the Sculpted Crescent collection. While some of the engagement rings in this line aren’t solitaires, the solitaire looks are amazing thanks to the designs that are tightly packed on their sides. Delicate milgrain beading and the brand’s signature crescent design elements all celebrate minimalism perfectly.

Simple Engagement Ring at Rumanoff's Jewelers

The Importance of the Ring’s Setting

People don’t often think about the impact that settings have on the overall appearance of an engagement ring. But they can have an extraordinary effect. If you don’t believe us, check out the distinction between the channel and bezel settings. They have a great deal of overlap in purely technical terms, but the former instantly reads as “bold and cutting edge,” while the former has a mystique and demureness. Check out the Deco Chic collection from Hearts on Fire to see how a bezel can uniquely complement a center stone.

Focus on the Materials

When you’re buying a diamond engagement ring, you may put the material of the ring on the back burner while you’re figuring out other details, like the center diamond, styles, and side stones. It’s not that those features aren’t important, but minimalism lives and dies on the presence of the subtle detail. Focusing on the materials used to make the engagement ring is a way of capturing attention.

One of our favored choices is rose gold. In addition to it being a super popular color among contemporary audiences, it’s a warm, seductive tone that manages to steal the show!

Striking Simplicity

We touched on this idea when we discussed Tacori engagement rings and Hearts on Fire engagement rings, but simplicity is at its best when it manages to outdo the overstated by use of the understated. The Simply Tacori collection from Tacori shows off how this can be done. The concept of taking a long diamond shape (like emerald- and marquise-cut diamonds), using it as a center stone, and turning it on its side is genius. The simplicity of the idea is belied by the fact that it’s just not done all that often! Look for big work being done by little touches when you’re embracing minimalist engagement rings.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the minimalist engagement rings we offer at Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry, stop by our showroom in Hamden, Connecticut today!


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