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Engagement Ring Settings or Preset Engagement Rings: Which is Better for Me?

When it comes to engagement rings, you have the option to pick a setting and your own diamond or choose a preset ring. But what’s the better option? Read on to find out what style is best for you!

Engagement Ring Settings or Preset Engagement Rings: Which is Better for Me?

Here at Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry, we offer a treasure trove of engagement rings from the top designers in the jewelry industry, but one of the big questions we’re always asked is: What’s the difference between a setting and a preset engagement ring, and what’s better for me?

The question can be complex, once you include factors like time, budget, and convenience. Today, we’re going to discuss the distinction between these two styles and help you to figure out what’s right for your unique engagement needs.

An Engagement Ring Setting and Loose Diamond

The biggest benefit of building your engagement ring with an empty setting and loose diamond is flexibility. That is, you have the absolute freedom to sculpt your engagement ring in a way you desire.

For example, let’s say the fiancée-to-be has a yen for a fairly unusual shape of diamond, like marquise-cut or heart-cut diamonds. But at the same time, she adores a particular engagement ring from one of the engagement ring designers whose pieces we carry. When you make your own engagement ring with a loose diamond, you can be confident that you’ll be able to pair both of these traits, no matter how idiosyncratic they are.

Plus, another benefit of loose diamonds is that you get to invest your money in a way you see fit. Rather than being stuck with a diamond whose traits you don’t adore, you can browse through the Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry list of diamonds to find the qualities you desire above others.

For instance, if a high-carat diamond is preferred, you don’t have to break the bank—just choose a stone with slightly lower clarity! Or vice-versa, depending on your one-of-a-kind tastes.

Engagement rings at Rumanoff's Fine Jewelry

A Preset Engagement Ring

While we’ve sung the praises of the combo of settings and the loose diamonds offered at Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry, you don’t have to go down that route if you don’t want to!

One of the benefits of shopping at Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry is that we only showcase engagement rings from the top designers in jewelry, meaning that you never have to worry about buying a preset engagement ring with an inferior diamond. When you pick one of our designer engagement rings, you can engage in a quick, convenient transaction that gets you a gorgeous piece of bridal jewelry without any added stress.

If you choose to select a preset engagement ring from a designer like Hearts on Fire, we’re confident that the selection will be something you can enjoy for the rest of your life thanks to the artistry that not only goes into the cutting of the diamond, but the pairing of that particular stone’s facets with the details sculpted into the ring itself.

If you’d like to find out more about loose diamonds, settings, or the preset engagement rings we offer here at Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry, give us a call at (203) 230-1199 or stop by our Hamden, Connecticut showroom today!


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