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Engagement Ring Styles

Here at Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry, we’ve got a real passion for the art of engagement ring design, and our experience with the craft has given us a unique perspective on the various styles that designers have embraced when they’re building their one-of-a-kind looks. The interesting thing about engagement ring styles is that while there are general themes that act as tentpoles for designers, there can be some soft overlap in these categories, which adds more facets to the beautiful diversity available to modern women! Learn about engagement ring styles here!


“Modernity” in engagement rings tends to focus on a few features that have only become available recently. When you see certain bold setting styles, such as tension settings or channels, you’re almost certainly looking at what’s described as a modern engagement ring. Modernity also tends to “update” vintage looks, such as creating half-bezels or playing with burnishing. Plus, you’ll often see contemporary diamond shapes, like princess- or pear-cut diamonds utilized in these rings.


Classic engagement rings occupy a unique position among engagement ring styles. Not strikingly modern; not particularly vintage, the classic engagement ring is designed to be timeless instead of tied to a particular era. You’ll often see round-cut diamonds set in Tiffany-style prongs when you see a classic ring, since these are the things most women think of when they imagine the archetypal engagement piece. If you’ve got a passion for straightforwardly beautiful presentations of gold, center stones, and side diamonds, a classic ring may be ideal.


Vintage is a broad category, but generally when you see the term “vintage” applied to engagement rings, it refers to a specific period of artistic expression found between 1890 and 1940—the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. With a fondness for platinum, milgrain beading, and architectural sense of boldness, a vintage engagement ring is a way of channeling the luxe of the Gilded Age. Many vintage engagement rings favor the halo design, and if you have a passion for bezel settings and use of sapphire, those two features had their heyday in vintage looks.


Short for “bohemian,” the boho style is defined by its wildness and unpredictability. While modern engagement rings have their own unique vision that sets them apart, a boho engagement ring is one that tends toward artisanal craftsmanship, unusual gemstones, and a sense of DIY that fills it with warmth. Often, in boho designs, you’ll see finishes on the rings’ shanks (like ice finish or matte) to give them that handcrafted appeal, as well as artful asymmetry. The boho look is ideal for a woman who appreciates alternative beauty rather than the everyday approach to aesthetics.

Learn More about Engagement Ring Styles at Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry

If you’re interested in learning more about engagement ring styles, particularly those that contemporary designers are embracing, you can get in touch with us here at Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry. Visit us at our Hamden, Connecticut jewelry store, or call us at (203) 230-1199 today!

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